Susie Williams is a contemporary circus artist. She both creates and facilitates circus performances.



Susie is currently the Managing Director of Acrobatic Conundrum. Through her company Susie Williams Productions, Susie has had the pleasure of helping many artists realize their visions onstage. Susie is particularly proud to have had a hand in the work of Lisa’s Bright Ideas, Kristin Geneve Young and Roundhaus. Susie was a 2014 fellow at the Brooklyn Academy of Music in the professional development program.


Circus Consultant

The circus is no longer confined to the tent – circus arts are used in events of all types. Susie helps directors and producers make their circus visions a reality. She does this by identifying and connecting her clients with the people and equipment to make it all happen. If you have an impulse to incorporate circus skills into your art, Susie is your girl.



Susie is a retired circus performer who specialized in rope, silks and flying trapeze – with experience performing in three-ring circuses, at county fairs, hanging from the rafters of Brooklyn warehouse, theaters, casinos.  While she no longer performs, she still spends quite a bit of her free time in the studio and on the rig. You can see video of her previous work here.